Dragon Liniment

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4 oz



Dragon Liniment

Size: 4 oz

Container: PET Plastic/Blue/Flip Top Lid

Cooling, Pain Relieving Body Rub. Made with Organic Ingredients!

An invigorating blend of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Ginger & Siberian Fir Essential Oils

with Organic Jojoba & Organic Menthol Crystals.

Rub into sore tired muscles for comfort, cooling and pain relief. Great for after sports or workout!

4 oz bottle

2 reviews for Dragon Liniment

  1. Whitney aka “Vengeance”

    I actually inherited a bottle of this stuff from Minta when we used to skate in roller derby together (2-3 seasons ago)… Can I say I love this stuff and use it sparingly which is why I’m now running out of it and on the hunt for more 🙂 I don’t skate anymore but I get sore muscles all the time from working out and it feels amazing after a refreshing shower to cool my sore muscles with! Highly recommend this liniment! Love! Thank you Minta for making me an addict. lol

    • Essential_Elements

      SO glad you love our blend as much as I do! I can get you more ANYTIME 🙂 Thanks Vengeance, Miss you! -Minta

  2. Candice

    Best muscle and injury treatment sauce ever. I have used this for injuries , and for my son ( whom was in a terrible bicycle accident with a car!) in conjunction with treatments with essential elements . It assisted in healing quiicly and comfortably.I have recommended this for sports, injuries , my clients and co-workers ( hairstylist and cosmetology instructor) and my students as well. Cannot recommend this any higher but its an 10!!! Dont forget to get hit stick as well! Clears up as well and the two pair together amazingly. I also use hit stick for excema tratments on my hands. Love in a bottle is what I call

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