Belly Blend

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Size: 2 oz

Container: Glass Jar/ Amber

This soothing blend was developed in Clinical practice as an aid in supporting easy bowel function. Whether having symptoms associated with irritable bowel or chronic constipation this formula delivers anti-inflammatory action as well as anti-spasmodic relief.

Roman and German Chamomile assist Sweet Marjoram as powerful anti-inflammatory Essential Oils. Fennel, Tarragon and Bergamot are remarkable anti-spasmodic agents. Cardamom and Sweet Orange are soothing to stomach upsets. Ho Wood is added to calm the spirit.

Take a generous amount of this rich cream and apply it to your belly in a circular sweeping motion from right to left and down and around covering the entire abdomen. Continue to rub the cream in until it is absorbed completely.

This can be re-applied as needed up to 4 times daily.

1 review for Belly Blend

  1. Rese Magda

    I have chronic constipation. I use teas and fiber and exercise etc. The thing I have added recently is the Belly Blend and now not only am I regular but I am less bloated and have less cramping. I love the smell!

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