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Aroma-Spheres Room Diffuser “Pottery Potpourri”  1 Bag (bowl not included)

Every set is unique and different. Special care & intention goes in to each simple piece.

Add Essential Oil or one of our specially formulated 5 ml Aromatherapy Diffuser Blends.

(Please read detailed description below, all sales are final.)




Aroma-Spheres  Room Diffuser

“Pottery Potpourri”

1 Bag of Aroma-Spheres handcrafted pottery includes; 

assorted spheres/balls, stamped balls & shapes, colors (white, buff & terra-cotta) and 2 hand stamped inspirational words.

(Please note: there is NO heat source & bowl is not included)

Add your own Essential Oil or Choose a 5 ml Diffuser Blend from Essential Elements

Great for bedside table, your alter,  dorm rooms, bathrooms or on your desk at work.

Makes a wonderful gift!


Directions: Place entire bag of Aroma-Spheres in bowl or any non-porous container.  Add 5-10 Drops of Essential Oil or Diffuser Blend directly on Aroma-Spheres.

We recommend 5-10 drops of essential oil to start, add more as needed. As you may know, the essential oil will eventually evaporate and more needs to be added. We also recommend using an oil or oil blend with no carrier. Different oils have different rates of evaporation, the Diffuser Blends we create are very effective for the Aroma-Spheres because they are created with more middle and base notes for aromatic staying power.

Enjoy Aromatherapy anywhere without the use of electricity or a heat source.

Wash occasionally with warm soapy water, allow to dry completely.

Handcrafted for Essential Elements By: Minta Meyer

IMG_3255  IMG_3374    IMG_3376

Aroma-sphere production: Drying clay and fired balls.

Every set is unique and different.  Special care &  intention goes in to each simple piece.

All sales are final.

18 reviews for Aroma-Spheres

  1. Andrea Butje

    I absolutely love the aroma spheres! I have them in every room in my house and use them daily. They are beautiful, easy and work well to diffuse aroma into any room. Thanks for the time and care you out into making each one by hand, this is an incredible service.

  2. Cindy Black

    These make a great decoration in addition to being a practical diffuser. I just love these hand crafted aroma – spheres, they are a unique creation! Thanks Essential Elements!

  3. JoAnn R. Goldrich

    Celebrate Mother Earth (or your human mother) today with one of these wonderfully whimsical, hand-crafted, all natural diffusers. It’s an environmentally friendly way to spread the healing, rejuvenating, or soothing energy of essential oils from nature’s bounty. I personally love the “Love” collection!

  4. Kris Price

    Happy Earth Day 2015! These spheres are a great item to take with you when traveling so that you can continue to enjoy essential oils away from home! NO electricity needed – good for vacations, camping or when overnight staying with a friend! Also good for keeping in bathrooms to keep them smelling fresh!

  5. D. Williams

    These spheres are both pretty and practical. They are perfect for bedside as they hold the scent of essential oils so well, and their portability means that I can use oils safely without worrying about cords or spills by either kids or pets. These spheres are handmade with care, and come in a pretty package that makes them a perfect gift for an essential oil user.

  6. Marie Levesque

    I recently got these as a gift – I use it next to my bed – a lovely lavender aroma is used – smells divine! I will definitely be getting more of these!!

    • Essential_Elements

      Thank You Marie, Enjoy!

  7. Gerry


  8. Lori

    I LOVE the aroma spheres so much I ordered more for a gift for my sister. A Beautifully handicrafted way to enjoy essential oils and a unique gift.

  9. Annie Pearce

    I LOVE these! Perfect for bathrooms, cars, and bedrooms. I use them almost nightly on my bedside table to diffuse night time blends. The quality of these are fabulous and I love the color!

  10. Marie Stroughter

    These were a gift, and I cannot express my pleasure adequately! Not only are they lovely to look at, but they smell lovely with the essential oil blend I chose.

    Thank you so much for such a beautiful product that stimulates the senses (or is that “scent”-ses?)!

  11. Jackie Doty

    I just love these so much. I bought two packages but after getting them should have bought more. Which I will be doing now. Beautiful and such a lovely gift specially now that the Holidays are almost here.

  12. Kelly

    I received these as a gift and loved them so much I ordered several sets to give as gifts to my clients! Just lovely.

  13. Paula Mangum

    I love these little balls of clay and especially the stamped spheres. I have ordered two sets in the past and both sets had the word JOY on one of the spheres. This made me smile as my word for this new year is JOY! I have just ordered my third set so I can have a set in my massage room at work, as well as a set in my home massage room and my sewing room. I will most likely be ordering even more for other rooms and for gifts.

  14. Jeri

    I received these little lovlies as part of a bonus from Andrea Butje’s Certified Aromatherapy program at I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying them. I placed the spheres in a bowl I received from a very dear friend several years ago, making the bowl that much more special. In keeping with my Native American heritage and beliefs, the use of substances from the earth is always my first choice, this product allows me to diffuse essential oils in a wonderfully natural, and beautiful way. Thank you.

  15. Jenny Longoria

    I ordered these aroma spheres a few months ago and just put them aside, almost forgot about them. They are absolutely beautiful. I heard of this website from Andrea Butje, I follow her quite often and her information and videos are so awesome. I finally opened up my 3 bags of spheres i ordered and put them together in 5 different little bowls. I have one in my bathroom with lavender and lime and one in my living room. I plan on gifting the other 3 but there are so awesome i don’t want to part with them, but i will because i want to share the beauty of these to my family and friends! The designs are so gorgeous, i have a heart shape aroma sphere, dragonfly, double heart, and the word “love” and a few round ones on bottom, in a lime green bowl and it is just so perfect looking…so glad i found these to enjoy, Thank you!!

  16. Laura

    I absolutely love these beautiful spheres. The colors are a perfect combination I get so many compliments and request for them in the home and the office. They make wonderful gifts.

  17. Cynthia

    I received these as a gift from Aromahead Institute. I absolutely love them. They are beautiful and hold the scent of the oils well. I love that they are all unique. I like them so much I’m ordering another set!

  18. Christina

    I received mine as a gift from Aromahead for signing up for the ACP Program, and they are so adorable! What a great idea; they would make awesome gifts! Thank you Essential Elements for the creative diffuser idea and to Andrea Butje and Aromahead for giving them!

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