Aroma-Qi Therapy


2019 Available for on-line study, coming soon!

To understand how Oriental Medicine can inform us in our energetic view of essential oils, it is important to have an overview of the two main theories that exist today in practice. Acupuncturists and Eastern Herbalists operate using either Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Taoist Five Element Theory or a combination of both.

Terese M. Miller, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Certified Aromatherapist has been in practice for over 26 years and has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine extensively, including an internship in China. Her unique perspective on Essential Oils utilizes Eastern Philosophies and is centered on her interest in the energetics of Taoist Five Element Theory.

This class will give you a working understanding of Qi and Taoist Five Element Theory, and how it applies to Essential Oils.

Learn: how Essential Oils naturally fit within the framework of the individual elements.

Introduction: to 5 Essential Oil Blends developed during clinical practice by Dr. Miller. You will have the opportunity to experience her blends, how to apply them according to the Taoist perspective and gain an understanding of her creative process.

Utilize: your awareness of Qi to create a healing link of focused energy between You the Essential Oils and your client.

Tuition Includes: Informative Manual & Set of 5 Aroma-Qi Essential Oil Blends.

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